Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Quad at UNC-G

I wrote a letter to the editor this month and to my delight, it was published. I had to write when I heard that the Quad at UNC-G was up for possible demolition. There has been a public outcry, including mine to save the dorms on the Quad that date back to early 1900s. The best times of my college experience (and my life) all date back to UNC-G and times spent on the Quad. From parties, special events, sunbathing, to chilling out, it was a time I will never forget. I was young, naive and full of life and happiness with my friends at a college and a dorm that I loved. I vote for preserving history and letting new building take place elsewhere. Some things in life are sacred. The Quad is one of them.

Butterflies and the Order of Things

Butterflies have their order in our world and show us that life can be tough while we are waiting for change or something to happen. Like the butterfly, we must go through the cocooning part of life when it appears that nothing is happening. Eventually we emerge like the butterfly and our wait is rewarded.