Friday, April 11, 2008

Anthem to Summer

I just wanna soak up the sun.....

Sheryl Crow says it better, well actually she sings it a whole lot better. This song is my anthem to summer and all that comes with it. Can you tell I have summer fever? I am over spring. I like the temps hot and the days long.

I love Arnold Palmer's (unsweetened tea with lemonade), walking on the beach, reading on the beach, (everything on the beach), shorts, sand in my toes, a tan, crashing waves, Jimmy Buffett, ice cream, summer block buster movies (SATC can't get here fast enough and Mama Mia) - really, I just love everything about it.

So, here I am reading a juicy book and soaking up the sun on Daytona Beach. Too bad you weren't with me............

Backspace Your Life

When life doesn’t go as planned, don’t you wish you could hit the backspace key on your life? Or better yet, wouldn’t you like to delete your past mistakes?

I know I would...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Channeling My Inner Carrie Bradshaw

I wish I could take total credit for this entry but I will have to thank another "Carrie" who is a big influence in my creative life, Carrie Helton. This one's for you, Carrie!

With each passing day and year, I notice how much I am drawn to movies, book and television shows in which the main character happens to be a writer: Marin Frist, the writer and relationship coach in "Men in Trees," Diane Keaton (one of my idols) in "Something's Gotta Give," and of course, my number uno favorite TV writer, Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex and the City."

I live vicariously through these women who are living the life that I want to lead: writing and making more than a living out of it. Of course, these women are beautiful, fashionable, extremely talented and live in prime real estate: New York City, the Hamptons (facing the water of course) and well, you get the picture. They are sought after by men, make a lot of money and life just looks good enough to eat. Am I jealous? Well, sure, I am. Who wouldn't be?

Do you think Candace Bushnell needs help writing her next big hit? If so, I am available. Tina Fey, don’t you need more writers for 30 Rock?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girlfriends Are For All Ages

What would I do without you? You believe in me when I wonder if I can get back up one more time. You pick me up when I feel like the road is too hard. You tell me I look fine even when we both know I am having a bad hair day. You tell me to go ahead and splurge on that outfit at Ann Taylor. After all, I work hard, don’t I? You cooked me dinner on Cinco de Mayo and sent me flowers when I was sick. Is there anything you won’t do for a girlfriend?

We have cried during movies, over love gone sideways, bad jobs, children, car problems and the pains of everyday life. Girlfriends are forever sisters and like the Ya Ya Sisterhood, united as children and bonded into adulthood. You know who you are and I am grateful for you all. Without you, I can’t imagine what my life would be like.
The National Girlfriend and Sister's Week organization have a motto I can love, "I am only as strong as the coffee I drink, the hairspray I use and the friends I have.”