Friday, April 11, 2008

Anthem to Summer

I just wanna soak up the sun.....

Sheryl Crow says it better, well actually she sings it a whole lot better. This song is my anthem to summer and all that comes with it. Can you tell I have summer fever? I am over spring. I like the temps hot and the days long.

I love Arnold Palmer's (unsweetened tea with lemonade), walking on the beach, reading on the beach, (everything on the beach), shorts, sand in my toes, a tan, crashing waves, Jimmy Buffett, ice cream, summer block buster movies (SATC can't get here fast enough and Mama Mia) - really, I just love everything about it.

So, here I am reading a juicy book and soaking up the sun on Daytona Beach. Too bad you weren't with me............

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