Friday, February 19, 2010

Library of Congress Interior

Is this not the most gorgeous interior in the world? Many of DC's landmarks are in "The Lost Symbol," including the Library of Congress. Thanks to Lynne Morgan for her brilliant photography.

Washington, DC Wonderland

Thomas Jefferson's Books in Library of Congress

The Library of Congress

The White House in Snow

Piedmont Triad Council of International Visitors in DC

We had a great time meeting cool people from embassies from across the world and seeing some DC sites. These are taken in the Capitol rotunda with our embassy friends from Vietnam and Japan. Beth Sheffield joins me. The other picture is of us staring up at the gorgeous rotunda ceiling.

Snowmaggedon 2010

I have never seen so much snow as I did last week in our nation's capitol. The name Snowmaggedon fit. It was a winter wonderland and the city did in fact shut down for several days. Yes, even the government had to take a break. Here are a few of my favorite scenes of our favorite national treasures of memorials we all know and love taken on Lincoln's birthday. How appropriate.