Monday, September 13, 2010

Sail Away on Labor Day

This sailboat was too beautiful not to capture, so I did. It was a bouncy day on the ocean since Earl had just passed through Wilmington.

Reunion Girls

A few classmates and I gathered in Raleigh this summer for a "mini-reunion." It was fun and also a reminder of how time keeps marching on. Wasn't it just yesterday when I was thinking about that boy with the wanderlust in his eyes and plotting my weekends? Somethings never change, they just get better like aged wine.

Fast Cars

One day I will drive a nice sports car and I am thinking it will be soon. These beauties are out of my range but an older Porsche will fit the bill just fine.


DOC'S NEWS: VIRGINIA’S RIVER ADVENTURES: "  The New River offers hiking as well as paddling thrills BLUEGRASS, WINE AND GRANDEUR GALAX, VA. It is the second oldest river on earth an..."

She's a hottie all right but not very good at paddling! Doc made an adventure I will never forget!