Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunburn Twins

Me and Emma
Here is my wonderful, niece Emma and me after a long day walking in 80 degree weather (without sunscreen!) at the Liberty Antique Festival. We ate BBQ, home made ice cream, kettle corn and had old-fashioned lemonade. It was the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and antiques on every corner. I stopped along the way to chat with Louis, a big standard poodle with diamond collar and his owner, the lady from Morehead City with the best nautical booth and anyone else who cared to talk. I also found a second edition of Jane Eyre that I can't wait to read.

Why was the day perfect? Because I was in the beautiful great outdoors with someone that I love more than life itself, my adorable and fabulous Emma. She makes being an aunt one of life's best moments.


Steve said...

Nice picture of you both.

hodgicus said...

Do I need to fuss at you about sunscreen?
Have you forgotten my email address?