Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swim Out Into the Deep

I am a complete summer person. I realize I have devoted a lot of my posts to talking about my favorite time of year but it’s on my mind. I am working on becoming a better swimmer and enjoying swimming laps in my pool for the first time in years. What’s that about? It is refreshing, renews my mind and is great exercise. I am trying to stretch my mental muscles as well as my physical ones.

Your choice is this - either you stay in the shallow end of the pool or venture out into the ocean. Which is going to be?


Emma Jane said...

i love this!!! the picture is great!!
P.s... r u comin to Mount Airy for Papa and Andrews birthday??!!
lOve you!!

Living as a Free Agent said...

Thanks for being my favorite and forever cheerleader.

Love you too, Auntie Lynne