Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Motorcycle Ride

I was totally unprepared to be terrified and in pain all at once. The plethora of emotions and feelings that ran through my brain and body were mind boggling. All I wanted was to have some fun and let my hair down.

Within a few seconds, I thought "what have I signed up for?" The freezing air at 60 miles per hours hit me like fast moving Artic glacier, my eyes quickly teared up and bugs flew in and out of my mouth at a regular clip. My wide-legged stance on the back of the too-small seat( for my comfort level) soon had me wondering if this is what childbirth felt like and I had a terrible urge to pee. Would I ever make it back alive, I thought to myself.

The grand finale was taking off the skull cap helmet to reveal my rats nest hairstyle, which minutes early had looked pretty good. I was glad to get my legs back on the pavement and wonder if I have the nerve to try to again. Maybe.

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Web Girl said...

Hi Aunt Lynne,It's Meggie I hope to see you soon.I just love your blog!:)