Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is Michael

A small tribute to the man of music who had a talent that was larger than life and like no other. He left us great music and for that we celebrate. "Black and White" is one my MJ favorites and especially when you can watch Orianthi rock the guitar like no white girl ever has before. The message is great and it shouldn't matter whether you are black or white.

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Janice said...

Oh my word...the "Black or White" video was not only hilarious (or as Michael does so well - hee' hee') spoke such a HUGE message!! And, SO well done...really enjoyed it. No man can argue that the man had talent and "moves" unmatched by any other in certain areas. Even though I'm not a huge MJ fan, I really admire and respect his work and his talent. May he rest in peace!