Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Boots That Walked All Over Me

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…. That is a line from an oldie goldie and I just experienced this truth on an innocent, mind-my-own-business walk in the park yesterday. There I was walking at a pretty good clip with my iPod and reveling in the warm spring day. Walkers were everywhere and dogs happily trotted along with their owners.

I noticed a lean, sophisticated woman walking her cinnamon-colored King Charles Spaniel a few feet ahead of me. She was wearing Levi’s and a thin cotton sweater – she reeked of style and stood out in a park full of walkers and runners in typical sport attire. She was also wearing black boots that hit the pavement with an interesting staccato with each stride. It was apparent that the walk required zero effort and she was perfectly composed.

Here’s the bad part. I couldn’t catch her, no matter how fast I picked up my pace and well, I also admit, I gave up after a few tries. I did pass her twice when her little pooch stopped to sniff the flowers and scope out nature. Within minutes, the boots were hot on my trail and she would fashionably stride by me again with her elegant, long legs and black boots. What’s terrible about this is that I also have long legs. Why couldn’t they catch this mystery woman? I took a chill pill and decided to laugh about it, what else could I do? At the end of the walk, I saw her leave in a car with a California license plate. Oh, that explains it. She is a California girl who exercises 23 hours out of every 24. I had to justify it somehow…

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