Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coconut Milk Caribbean Style

This guy means business. I am not sure he was thrilled with me taking his picture without coughing up some currency to buy his coconut milk. I had some serious sight seeing on my agenda so I couldn't partake of his concoction. He was artfully delicate with his machete as he precisely drilled a hole into each coconut so the milk could flow out. I don't know what else he mixed it with to make coconut milk but his customers looked happy. Next time, I hope I'm one of them.


Candice Z said...

A machete, huh? I always wondered how to get into one of those suckers. I'm pretty sure coconut milk puddles in it's hollow center. I've researched for years watching Gilligan's Island.

plainjane said...

that has to be dangerous! geez! I bet that milk tastes amazing! hopefully I'll be there with you when u get your first taste! :)