Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rocky's Bar

There's no better feeling than having a friendly bar waiting for your return after a long, hard day of sight seeing. And, one in a scenic setting is even better. Sitting at Rocky's Bar you can look out into the cerulean blue water of the Caribbean and dream away. The serene beauty is a perfect backdrop to the laid-back atmosphere of Rocky's and the fun and zany crowd it seems to draw. The cast of characters is straight out of an Elmore Leonard novel - especially the California surfer dude who posed as the hotel's dive instructor. He calls himself Captain Crabby and most of what comes out of his tanned, creased mouth is not fit for publishing but darn funny. Diver Dude a.k.a. Captain Crabby is a mainstay at the bar and he always has a story to tell. It's not a bad way to end a long, hot day loafing around the Caribbean. All you have to do is lift your Carib to the sky and salute Captain Crabby and all that's sacred at Bird Rock.

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Ilene said...

This sounds very relaxing! I wish I could have heard some of those stories!!